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Instrument: Bass/Guitar

Favourite Bands: Metallica, Megadeth, Sepultura, Fear Factory, Carcass, System Of A Down, silverchair, Soulfly, Machine Head, MD.45, Vast, Foo Fighters, Primus, Nirvana, Hole, Green Day, Alien Ant Farm, Rush, Guns N' Roses, Killswitch Engage, Body Count, Faith No More, Slayer, Grinspoon, Muse, Placebo, Godsmack, Dream Theater, Liquid Tension Experiment, Coal Chamber, Darkthrone, Soilwork, Sevendust, Pantera, Slipknot, Korn, Limpbizkit, Linkin Park, Rammstein, 28 Days, Static-X, Testeagles, Soundgarden, Superheist, Drowning Pool, Papa Roach, Alice In Chains, The Living End, Sunk Loto, Dry Kill Logic, MuDvAyNe, Wheatus.

Inspirational Musicians: James Hetfield, Lars Ulrich (Metallica), Max Cavalera (Soulfly/Sepultura), Igor Cavalera (Sepultura), Dave Mustaine (Megadeth), Les Claypool (Primus), Dino Cazares (Fear Factory), Kurt Cobain (Nirvana, R.I.P.)

Equipment: Yamaha RBX370A active bass, Behringer BX3000T 300W bass head, Sunn 410H cabinet, Behringer Bass V-AMP. Ibanez RG470 with Seymour Duncan Distortion SH-6, Hamer Explorer with EMG-60/81, B.C. Rich Body Art 'Skull Pile' V, Dean Strat with DiMarzio Tone Zone, Marshall JCM800 100W head, Marshall 1960A cabinet, Boss MT-2 Metal Zone, Ibanez TS-10 Tube Screamer, Yamaha FX550. Sennheiser E609 & Shure SM57 cabinet microphones, Armoured Cable steel cables, Shure T4G dual diversity wireless, DiMarzio Cliplock straps, Gator instrument cases, Dunlop Tortex triangle picks.
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