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Roadie Of The Month
...and the winner for December is:

Petr "King Diamond" Falcnik

1st R/U: Lex "Nemesis" Napier
2nd R/U: Peter "James" Bond
3rd R/U: Patrick "Stewart" Copeland

Seen here about to enjoy a "quality" Collingwood pizza; Petr beat stiff competition to become this months featured roadie.

Petr performs one or all of the following duties at each of our shows: motivational speaker, guitar/bass/drum tech, gerbil stuffer, lighting guy, hair stylist, sound guy, critic, scapegoat, and set list supervisor.

In his spare time Petr can be found dry river white water rafting, leading a team of arabian huskies, or researching the depletion of tennis related elbow injuries in the former USSR.

WARNING: The following link is not for those weak of stomach. Click here for a close-up of the pizza.

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