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4.23 pm, Monday 24th of March 2003, something buzzed on my phone "Got a band together, just need a drummer. Matt's band said we can open for Kisstroyer on May 31st. Interested dude ?". Caught in the middle of an uneventful day at work, this hit me hard and caused my eyeballs to protrude far out of their respective sockets. I think I managed to excitedly scribble some giberish back into my mobile phone, basically to the gist of "F**K yes". A band I could walk into, with a guaranteed gig!

Individual profiles: James | Enzo | Stirling | Sav

After many unsuccessful attempts at getting bands off the ground, this was just what I needed. Enzo was a musical aquaintance I had known for a few years and our musical exploits had never gotten past the occasional rehearsal room jam of old 80's metal songs, that brief SMS soon changed that.

Warning Sign was thereby officially completed into what's known as the "classic" (aka the only) line-up late March 2003. A rehearsal at my place around the start of April got out all the awkwardness of meeting new bandmates out of the way quickly, we had to, after all we had a gig to perform in under 2 months time and we were starting from scratch!

The first gig was a complete success, we received fan mail from all over the world*, were presented hall of fame plaques*, and we were approached after the show by supermodels wishing for us to father their children*. Rock & roll lives in Melbourne!

I better tell you about the guys in the band-

We're a four piece band, Lead Vocals, Lead Guitar, Bass, and Drums, our influences are varied and many. For specific ideas on each of us, look up our individual profiles and you'll have a field day. In brief we play our own full throttle brand of rock/metal, heavy on melody. We play our own material and we also love to cover classic or influential songs from our various collections of influences.

Enzo Almanzi, is the principle songwriter of the band. He'll put you in a sweet place with a nice melody, then he'll rip you to shreds when he cranks up the volume & plays one of his fast, technical solos. A real guitar hero, you'll love his playing and his songwriting. We rely on Enzo for organisation and guidance. He's a real coach to the band. Now that we're settled as a lineup, it's going to be great fun writing & recording songs with this man.

Stirling McQueen is the bass player, he's the scary looking one. Don't joke around with him, the last person that tried anything funny ended up with 37 broken bones in their body*. A top bass player, he's also an accomplished guitarist in his own right. In fact, during our sets it's not unusual for Stirls & Enzo to swap instruments for the odd song, versatility is the name of our game.

James Lancaster, our vocalist, is a very sedate and relaxed kind of person*. He talks philosophy and spends his time gardening and taking care of the elderly*. Enough lies. Lancaster is a crazy man, with a quirky stage presence and voice so rough, it could strip the metal off cars. We like his approach, a warrior of rock.

Then there's me....my name's George, people call me Sav. There's a really deep, disturbing secret behind that nickname*. You will never know why*. I've always been the kind of guy that picks up the guitar, then picks up the drums, back and forth. Warning Sign has settled me as a drummer. I feel that my playing is improving all the time.. Music is my life, all of our lives really and I hope I help to make the band sound good. If I don't I apologise profusely and will give you all your money back....*.

We believe there is a real shortage of talented rock bands in Australia. We don't rely on samplers, we don't rely on gimmicks, we don't rely on fashion, hell some of us don't even dress ourselves properly. It's all about the music. We believe the quality of music and musicianship in this band sets us apart from a lot of the others.

That's the story so far.....

Stay tuned, have fun and by all means come to a gig and introduce yourself. We'd love to hear from you!!!

* Denotes text that is of a fictional basis.

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